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Hello everyone :) Happy New Year and I hope the holidays treated you well, though I know that is a high hope, all things considered.

I have some updates.

The second edition of how to draw Black people is being pushed back until June. I am doing this to give myself a bit more time. I typically don't celebrate during the holiday season, but this pandemic has kept my family and me inside, and I basically had no choice in the matter. I really wanted this book to be available during Black History Month but adapting on the fly to unexpected changes is now the name of the game. The added time also opens the opportunity for me to bring in more artists and do a bit of quality control and promotion for a better release. I have already begun reaching out to artists, which brings me to my next update.

Submissions: I talked about it in my last update, but I am looking to hire some artists to work on books I plan to publish in 2021 and beyond. The second edition of How To Draw Black People is the first book I will be hiring for.

The Job: 4-8 step tutorial on one of the following topics:

Gender presentation

Facial Anatomy

Coloring Dark Skin

Black hair and texture

The tutorial should be your individual approach to the topic from your perspective. I need artists that work in different programs, such as Procreate, Photoshop, Paintool Sai, Clip Studio Paint, etc. You must explain your steps using the tools specific to your preferred art app or combination if you migrate your work.

The pay: I am offering $100 per step + royalties

How to Submit: You can click here to take you to the submission page; follow the steps to complete your submission. It will take time for me to get back to you, but I will get back to every person that makes a submission.

Submissions will remain open from today until January 31st.


I have hooked up with Printful, and I will bring a lot of my art to stickers, t-shirts, and other accessories in a revolving fashion. Eventually, I'll incorporate a voting system that allows you all to choose which designs end up on what, but for now, I'll call the shots. That's it from me this month. Please stay safe when you can and take care when possible.

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