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Sarah Darkmagic Flips Through How To Draw Black People Volume 2!

You're wondering what to expect from my new project. That's fair. Thankfully, Sarah Darkmagic has taken the time to create a video flipping through my last book, How To Draw Black People Volume 2

I love this video because I've never had the opportunity to explore how much work went into creating that book. I put HTDBP V2 through a lot of quality testing, each time weeding out tiny flaws and grammatical errors.

I was thorough as I could be, given my novice skills, and I'm sure I missed one or two, but I am proud of the product I put together. The wonderful Sarah Darkmagic has gifted us with this awesome video that appreciates the finer details!

This book was what I was able to do alone. However, the final product will improve with the team I've put together. How To Draw Black People Volume 2 is a foundation and the baseline of quality and attention to detail Shabazz Arts continues to produce.

While Bearcat Wright & The Kayfable Chronicles is on the front stage, I'm still working behind the scenes to reprint HTDBP Volume 1 with the same care and attention to quality as Volume 2. So now would be a great time to pick up the second entry, primarily if you haven't used your $10 coupon yet.

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