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Combo Pack


How to Draw Black People Volume 2 is the second how-to book from Malik Shabazz. This edition builds on the teaching of the first while simplifying them as well. Using their personal story as a backdrop, Shabazz lays out their cultural character prompt, a tool to create meaningful character designs based on Black cultural production. With guest tutorials by other Black artists that give their take, How to Draw Black People volume 2 is the most extensive examination of the African phenotype, cultural sensitivity, and collective responsibility found in an art book. Learn about the false Black image while building fundamental knowledge about color theory, shape language, facial anatomy, and how they relate to Black characteristics. If you struggle with drawing, coloring, or designing Black characters, or if you're always on the lookout for new techniques to learn, this book is for you.


This Combo Pack includes: (1 ) physical copy of HTDBP volume 2 and (1) Deluxe edition. 

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